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KK_number27 by KronKilton KK_number27 :iconkronkilton:KronKilton 154 8
The Bloodied Chronicles
    Alice woke to the sound of flawless silence; no birds cried, no crickets chirped, no sirens wailed. She sat up in bed, yawning and peering around her room as she reached over to her bedside table for the glass of water she had left there when she had gone to sleep. As she started to drink, she noticed that there was a vibrant red light seeping through her window, a sight that wasn’t common unless there was a fireworks display happening and, while this realization would have comforted Alice, and allowed her to drift back to sleep, finding comfort in the fact was a nit hard to do, as the silence pressed on, meaning there were no fireworks tonight.
      Since that wasn’t the case and Alice wasn’t comforted, she pulled off her covers and approached her window, the light causing her to shield her eyes against it. The moment that she opened the curtains, her perception of ‘normal’ changed.  The entire neighborhood looked exactl
:iconpsyonomega:PsyonOmega 1 0
Psycho Slaughter
I can't decide
Exactly why you should die.
Maybe the heartbreak that you gave me
For the final time.
You sit there and stare
Like you don't care.
Why should you?
You weren't left broken
Trying to piece together your life.
It's not like this is some cheap normal falling out
In fact this isn't really a falling out.
It's a goddamn massacre.
They lay there
Growing cold and stale.
That's what you live for isn't it?
Taking lives from people that have wronged me.
Well it ends tonight.
For once not on your terms.
You say it was all for me.
Well so is this.
:iconpsyonomega:PsyonOmega 3 0
Trapped in a town of beauty
This town
Blessed with beauty as it as
Is nothing but a curse to me.
I'm forever cursed to notice
But never obtain
These angels blessed
Blessed with the beauty of a thousand goddesses.
The strangest part in this dreamlike sequence
Is that they
The angels
Do not seem to know of their gift.
I find myself appalled by this
I am tempted to throw myself to them
And speak to them the truth
That my breath vanishes when I gaze upon them
My words would be in vain though
For what am I
But a simple passerby
A dot in the grand scheme of things.
My soul may be more but I
I am but the shell of my soul.
:iconpsyonomega:PsyonOmega 2 2
A Human Mind Created To Be Free
What if I told you this was naught but a dream
That everything you experience was not really what it seems.
The world a meer lie
A tear not born from a cry.
And a mind created to be free.
You'd have to accept it
Thus say the rules.
Yet the confusion between acceptance and enjoyment
Have been born in the mind of fools.
To accept is to welcome
Knowing it is meant to be.
Yet in blissful enjoyment
You're taking in blindly.
Ignorance is bliss
Yet we all crave to know more.
What kind of person will you become
If fancy words are all you adore?
Life is an experience
Almost demanding we run free
And some will no doubt ask
Where do I go?
What do I be?
There's so much out here
Where can I find me?
That is the answer
You are what you do.
The flow can guide you
But you must flow too.
In the end it doesn't matter
If this is real or not
Because whatever it is
It's all  that we've got.
So be who you are
Not what they tell you to be
Because you're the amazing you,
A human mind created to be free.
:iconpsyonomega:PsyonOmega 1 0
Raise A Confused Glass To Clarity
I can't think straight
And it's the most amazing feeling
That has ever dared to show itself to humanity.
I am glad I get to see its splendor
In all it's indescribable beauty
Which is exactly the reason I can't put into words
How fantastic this feeling is
A beauty like this is only outshined by the rarest of
None of which have thus far affected me
Until recently.
Clarity settles in for the night
Taking back it's residence of my mind
And pushes the color away
Revealing a mess that will stay tangled
Because the thoughts keep flowing
To sum all this up
All I can say
Is that
Yes coming home
Home to the town that raised me
Was the greatest choice I could've made in my life.
I still have much to learn
And it doesn't matter if it's day 4
Or 444
I'm sure that we'll see what I've been anticipating
Since before I can remember
In whole
To clarity
So raise a confused glass to clarity.
:iconpsyonomega:PsyonOmega 1 0
The Last Romance You Will Ever Start
Someday you will find what you're looking for.
And when you do the past
Will cease to matter
Because life will be complete
And you will be happy.
He will be the fire that lights your smile
He will guide you through the darkness
And show you that all your negative thoughts
All the insecurity
All the saddness
All the numerous over the top amounts of anxiety
All of that...
Will lead you to him
A safe haven
Where you are happy
Drowning in bliss
And melting into his arms
As he melts into yours.
And the kisses.
The kisses that your flesh has begged for
The kisses that you use to feel
And fall in love with
Will come back
And this time they will mean so much more
They will be a promise of love that can not die
A love that blasts through everything bad
And shelters you from the cold of life
And blesses you with a gift like none other
And you will gladly accept
The last romance you will ever start.
:iconpsyonomega:PsyonOmega 1 0
Till I have Who I'm Looking For
As my mind races
Locking into a familiar position
I find myself thinking
Not about you
But of me.
I wonder why the roles have changed in this play through.
I feel so many different thoughts
That my tongue is incapable of verbalizing them
leaving them trapped in an area
To everyone but me and I alone.
And tonight
The thoughts more erratic
The thoughts firing more rapidly
Pinging off my brain as they do
Are now drowning me in
What if
Why didn’t you
You have to say
You have to see
And at this point I find
That even in my inner mind
My insecurities reign supreme
Flushing out everything else.
And as I type this words
I stop and think
Why do they rule?
What do I have to do to escape…
That is what I must do because I’ve been made to wait
To wait
And wait
And wait
And wait
Till the day I am released
Till the day I am free
Till the day I…fail.
Till the day I try.
Till the day I don’t give up and make the impossibl
:iconpsyonomega:PsyonOmega 1 0
Torture From A Mother
I understand that you don't care
About this deep seated pain
That you shoved into my chest.
For some reason
I don't understand
I still care about you
Even though your too stubborn to see that
Even though you
"Don't give a fuck what you think"
Even though
But this anger doesn't matter either does it
Take a look at the words you spew
Before you actually lose someone
According to you
the only one
Who gives a fuck about you.
:iconpsyonomega:PsyonOmega 1 0
Words With my Anxiety
I got better
I calmed down
I can smile
I can rest
Anxiety is a fable
Anxiety is going away forever
Then like a dream finally come true
I might be free
You shook my confidence
You changed how I act
You made my words lose their way in my throat
You made me sip from sweet oblivion
I'm moving too fast
Am I even moving?
I'm trying my best
I'm trying to let you
We could be great
It will be a repeat of the past
We could beat our anxiety together
We could drive each other insane
You could be the only exception
You could be as amazing as I think you are
You could be my modern mad love
You could drive me a bit less crazy you know?
I hope this works
I hope so too
I hope...
I hope so too...
:iconpsyonomega:PsyonOmega 1 0
Untitled story. Work in progress
"Sara, listen. I know you did your best but it doesn't matter what they think."
"Of course it mattered! I put my heart and soul into making this piece perfect and no one respected it." Sara screamed back, as she became fully aware of how close she was to crying. "I just want something to fucking matter to anyone. And thus far it hasn't." She sighed and collected her things from the floor and stood up. "I know we have 10 minutes left in the session but I'm going to leave early. I need to get home and relax. Thanks, Dr. Kassan.
Sara knew that she shouldn't have been so upset but she needed someone to give a shit. She had been working on her art so much lately that it seemed like that was all she had. And now she would go back home to her small apartment and sit in front of her tv and then go to sleep. The routine sucked but it kept her on track.
As she exited her therapists building she noticed, to her great delight, that it had began to rain. She absolutely loves walking in the rain bec
:iconpsyonomega:PsyonOmega 1 0
KK_number24 by KronKilton KK_number24 :iconkronkilton:KronKilton 212 21 Life Is Strange by Ev-Moirart Life Is Strange :iconev-moirart:Ev-Moirart 130 5 Death sketch by spundman Death sketch :iconspundman:spundman 270 22 Ellie by Alteya Ellie :iconalteya:Alteya 279 20


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